What Are The Diffrent Types Of Memo?


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There are many different types of memos! The lines are fairly blurred when it comes to differentiating different memo types, since it's also a question of what technically counts as a memo. But to name just a few memo types, we have:

  • Operational memos
  • Financial memos
  • Environmental memos
  • Public/private announcements
  • Request for action
  • Form memos
  • Cover memos
  • Directives
  • Trip report
  • Dress code memos

And so on and so forth. There are also certain connotations associated with different types of memos. For example, the 'memo to file' memo is sometimes seen negatively, since it is generally punitive and is more of a permanent record of something rather than a temporary notice.

Other than this, any type of memo in any particular form can be deemed acceptable, so there really is no limit on 'types' of memos. I hope this helps.

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