What Is The Heating Effect Of The Electrical Current?


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When a charge moves in a conductor it does work, which results in heating the conductor. Thus electric energy in the form of electric current is converted into heat energy. If the resistance of a wire is R ohms and the current flowing through it is l amperes, the heat produced per second in the wire is lR joules.

The heating effect of electric current is made use of in a variety of appliances, such as a geyser, iron, toaster, oven, room heater, and so on. These appliances have coils of nichrome (an alloy of nickel and chromium), which are heated when current is passed. Whenever electricity is used for heating water or other liquids, the heating element is well insulated and enclosed in a tube. Otherwise the liquids will become live and therefore dangerous. In an electric iron, the heating element is sandwiched between two thin sheets of mica, which is highly insulating and can withstand high temperature.
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When electric charges move through a wire, they lose some of the energy to the atoms in the wire. On receiving the energy, The atoms vibrate more and more causing the wire to heat up. Some of the Electric Energy is changed to heat energy . The higher the resistance the more the heat energy.
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Electric current causes friction inside the wire thus causing the wires to heat up  which is how furnaces work
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Energy exists in various forms such as mechanical energy, heat energy, electrical energy etc.When an electric current is passed through a metallic wire like filament of heater, oven or geyser, the filament gets heated up and electrical energy is converted into heat energy. This is known as heating effect of electrical current.

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When ever current passes through a conductor it becomes hot that is electric energy is converted in to heat energy this is know as heating effect of electric current.
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Hysterisos is a effect of heat in a electrical circuit.

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