How can reduce Cognitive impairment the person's ability to recognize and Understand the information they recive?


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The age is important but not critical.  Lets start with a prayer..done over music..all persons react to try and discover one that the boy that makes him relax..look at the toes and the arms outstretched.

Begin with a shape that in three basic colours red (danger) yellow (sun) and green (action grass..that is grass that has a hint of sunshine).  Let these hang like a mobile in the center of the room, while you get him to sit up.....make sure the window is open so that the mobile is moving.  If you can get brass(metal) to hang from each mobile shape in chips so that they will make a sound that will be excellent!

Demonstrate proper breathing..filling the mouth with air and then blowing...this should draw this several times..then start to sing and rock...this should wake up the age appropriate poetry and show pictures that the age group should we thank God.  Hope this helps...please tell me

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