What Kind Of Glue Is Used In Manufacturing Post-it Notes And How Is It Made?


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3M, the makers of Post-it® Notes, are predictably somewhat cagey about spelling out exactly which kind of adhesive they use.

However, they do confirm that the adhesive is not water soluble. What the company says, in response to queries about recycling, is, "Many people incorrectly assume that only water-soluble adhesive is recyclable. By designing an adhesive that disperses in water but is insoluble, 3M created an adhesive that is easily removed by flotation."

According to 3M, Post-it® Notes have been recyclable since 1980 when they were first introduced. Over the years, though, the company points out, it has improved the properties of the adhesive in order to reduce the amount of adhesive on each note without affecting the note's performance.

The glue used on Post-it® Notes is non-permanent low tack adhesive. Unlike, say mailing labels, which use permanent adhesive to ensure a fixed, long lasting bond to a surface.

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