Why Is Glue A Colloid?


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Glue is indeed a colloid. This is because glue is has a gel like quality. It also has both a lack of crystallinity and an extremely low rate of diffusion, both of which are typical of a colloid. In addition glue usually consists of gelatine which is a liquid colloid.

A colloid is any substance that has components of either one or two phases. It refers to any mixture that is in between a homogeneous solution or a heterogeneous mixture. Its properties are intermediate between the two previously mentioned mixtures. Other colloids include butter, milk, aerosols, cream, inks, paints and sea foam.

Glue refers to the liquid adhesive that is widely used for a variety of different purposes. It is obtained by boiling animal body parts like hooves, hides and bones in to hard gelatine and then adding water to it. It is estimated that annually almost eighteen kilograms of glue are used by every person in America. Furniture, shoes, books, buildings and vehicles all use glue at some point during their construction.

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