When Was Milton Keynes Built?


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Milton Keynes is a large town. It is in between London and Birmingham.It is in North side of Buckinghamshire, in South-East side of England and North-West side of London.

It was built on 23 January 1967.It is the biggest new town of Britain. Its area is almost 34 square miles. This area contains small towns along with fifteen villages and farmland.The name 'Milton Keynes' is given to the town from the Milton Keynes village.

The major roads in the city are known as 'grid roads'. Milton Keynes is called as 'city in the forest'. It has biggest University named as the 'Open University'. It also has huge parks, open spaces, popular theatre and shopping center. It is a unique place.

It is the fastest growing urban area. Approximately 2,15,000 people live in this town. It has traffic free paths. Because of this one can drive from one side of Milton Keynes to the other side in approximately
15 minutes. It has very well developed communication facilities.

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