Why Can Not Rocket Go Directly To Moon Without Revolving The Earth?


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I am not a rocket scientist!

I am not sure they always go into earth orbit but if they do it may be necessary in order to get to the best flight path to the moon. Maybe conditions for blast off from earth are not compatible with direct shot to moon.
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The earth has a gravitational pull which includes the moon (thats why it revolves around the earth and not the sun) so the rocket is also in the earths pull so it can jut go straight to the moon and there another long explanation that goes with this but its way to complicated to type
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It's because the Earth spins round once every 24 hours, but it takes about 40 hours to reach the moon. So by the time you get there the Earth would of spun round almost twice. Hope I've helped you! ;)
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So what?
Richard Enison
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What I meant by "So what?" is, what relevance does any of that have to the issue at hand? If I jump off a merry-go-round at a carnival while it is turning, and walk over to the cotton candy stand, what difference does it make how many times the merry-go-round turns while I walk there? I can still walk there directly in a straight line.

But then, that was before I found out that you know everything. Sorry for doubting your omniscience.
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I believe it is because it is theoretically possible to go directly to the moon, but it would take way more fuel than is practical to carry in a rocket. The more fuel the rocket carries, the heavier the rocket is, so the less efficient each unit of fuel is. When the rocket goes into Earth orbit, the gravitational field of the Earth is doing the work of keeping the thing going at about 18,000 mi/hr.

It's kind of like the unmanned probes NASA sent to the outer planets. They had to time each one just right so they could use the gravitational field of each planet (mainly the heavy outer planets) to "whipsaw" the probe around and on to the next planet. See en.wikipedia.org

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It is impossible for you to go directly to the moon.
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Well that settles it. Blurtking has banged his gavel and declared that it is impossible, so it must be true! No point in asking why. There's no need to understand the scientific principles when we have Blurtking to tell us everything we need to know.

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