What are some animals found in the desert? What helps them survive?


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Some animals that can be found in the desert include camels, rattlesnakes and lesser-known creatures such as horned lizards and roadrunners. Over millions of years, these animals have adapted to withstand really hot temperatures, and their bodies have developed mechanisms that allow vital organs to function even without a regular supply of water.

Here are just some of the features that help camels to survive in the desert:

  • The humps on their back

These play a vital role in survival. When land is barren and there is no food or water in the desert during the scorching summer months, fats and liquids can be preserved here and used to keep the body nourished. Even when food is available, they are not too selective about what they eat - thorn-covered shrubs and even thistles can be included in the camel's diet. This prevents camels from starving to death while hunting for plants suitable for them to eat.

  • Their extremely hairy eyebrows, ears and oddly-shaped noses

Camels may look odd, but this is for a reason. When deserts get windy, sandstorms can be dangerous and painful for these desert animals. Thankfully, camels have excessive amounts of hair stored around the body to catch sand and prevent it from causing any harm. A camel's nose consists of two slits, and this prevents sand from being inhaled in dangerous quantities.

  • Camel's feet are especially adapted for walking on sand

If you have ever gone on the beach, you'll notice how your feet can sink into the sand. However, camels don't have this problem, and this is another example of how they are adapted to live in the wild. The shape and padding on each foot makes it easy to travel, not forgetting the fur that works well to keep the camel at a constant temperature. When you think about it, this mustn't be easy; deserts can be exceptionally hot during the day, but also freezing at night due to the lack of cloud cover in the sky.

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