How Do Animals Survive In The Desert?


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Animals that live in deserts have adapted to survive in the conditions
prevalent in deserts. The one thing they have to live without is water.
So, these animals have adapted such that either they store water by
consuming a lot when they have access to it or they get water from
their body's metabolic reactions.

Some animals burrow into soil during day to retain water, such as the
desert toads. Reptiles and birds excrete their waste as uric acid
instead of urea. Uric acid is insoluble and does not require water to
excrete it.

Some animals have kidney adaptations which allow them to remove as much
water as possible from urine. Some do not require water at all.
Instead, they use water that is produced as a result of the metabolic
break down of the food they consume. The kangaroo rats, among other
mammals, use this approach.

Others derive water from the succulent plants available or from the insects they consume.

The other problem that animals in deserts have to face is heat. Animals
have developed ways to dissipate the excess heat. Some physiological
adaptations that allow this are long appendages and long ears (jack
rabbits). Other animals are paler in color. This serves two functions.
It helps to absorb the least amount of heat, thus keeping them cooler.
It also camouflages them into the desert surroundings which protects
them from predators.

Turkey and Black vultures excrete urine on their legs which cools them.

And that's how smart these animals are! :)
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Many desert animals have developed a tolerance to drinking salty water, for example the bactrian camel which drinks from salty waterholes, and the Arabian gazelle which can drink from the sea. The desert is never completely devoid of vegetation and desert animals can obtain moisture by eating leaves of trees such as the acasia that can live in desert regions because it has very deep roots.
Water is  very important for any living thing to survive.animals and plants survive in the desert by trying to lose as much less water from their body as they can.their skins are designed in such a way that they can withstand high temperatures.
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Eating plants or other animals
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They press their bodies on the floor and run very fast (sometimes) to get between places quickly!

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