Do you think helping beggar is Good for a society?


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Hilary Newton Profile
Hilary Newton answered
It could be if that begger becomes rich and spreads the good karma you started then its for the greater good,
Soumaya Mahdy Profile
Soumaya Mahdy answered
It depends on which society you live in, if I would look at my society, I would never give a begger money, because the country we live in is not disatvantaged like in Africa. We have incomes even if we don't have a job, so I would know that the money is not going for good. :))
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
May not be good for society but is good for the soul
nouran ali Profile
nouran ali answered
Yes but they must also help us
because most of them always depend on the people who give them money and they don't try to work and find job
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
If they look like they are realy in need I do help them.
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Arun Bera
Arun Bera commented
How sweet... You are really a kind person Mr. Ray, here today a old and disable lady comes in front of me i give her some money and feel the above question in mind.
Ray Ottewell
Ray Ottewell commented
Well done for that Arun, That was kind.
gokula krishnan Profile
gokula krishnan answered
Helping disabled beggar is acceptable one, but helping non-disabled beggar is not good for the society .
yvette Jones Profile
yvette Jones answered
Jesus is very specific about us helping others. He says I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, etc... You have to think God forbid what if that was you on the street, your brother, your sister or your mother. Wouldn't you want someone to have pity on them if you couldn't get to them? So you have to do what's right in your heart. Don't worry about others. Worry about God who will remind you of that person you didn't feed, clothe or give a drink of water to when you face him in heaven.

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