What is the difference between river sand and pit sand?


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  • River sand
River sand is really rather coarse, and is usually sold for industry. Websites and businesses will sell large orders of the sand for many different areas of industry. For instance, the sand can be used for glass, crystal, foundry, painting, oil and gas, for stamped concrete, for water filtration, water treatment, plastering and more. It will generally be sold in its natural color given that its use is primarily industrial and people don't really want it as 'display', because it's so coarse.

  • Pit sand
This kind of sand is much less coarse and easy to walk on. It is usually used in gardens, and is also used in children's sand pits. The sand is easy to come out of clothes and won't hurt children when they're playing making sand castles, and more. If you're looking to create a sand pit in your garden then remember that pit sand is your best bet and you should try and avoid river sand.

  • Sand pits
Children love playing in sand. If you build a custom sand pit for your children then you'll give them hours of fun in the yard during the summer, whether they're by their self or with their friends. You can ensure that the put is free from bacteria and chemicals if you build it yourself, too. You can customize the sand pit by painting the frame a special color, and you can get really comfortable sand for your child to play in.

Before you build, make sure you have all the sand ready and purchased (you can buy it from hardware stores), you should find a shaded area so that your child doesn't get sun burned during the day. Then, get building, and you'll soon have a sand pit for your children to play.

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