Why Are There Different Kinds Of Sand?


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When a solid rock is come to expose to the action of the wind, rain and frost and broken up in similar particles, if the particles are small enough between .05 millimeters in diameter and 2.5 millimeters in diameter, are called "sand".

Since sand is formed of small grains of the minerals making up the rocks, any of these minerals may be found in sand. The principle mineral found in sand is quartz, because it is hard and is quite abundant. Some sands have as much as 99 percent pure quartz. Other minerals sometimes found in sand are feldspar, calcite, mica, iron ores and small amounts of garnet, tourmaline and topaz. For the existence of these kinds of minerals sand can be different.

Sand is found wherever rocks have been exposed to the weather. One of the principle sand-forming regions is the beach of a sea. There the action of the tide upon the rocks, the action of wind-blown sand rubbing against the rocks, and the dissolving of some of the minerals in the rocks by the salt water all combine to make sand.
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Because sand is made up of eroded rocks and there are differant types of rock. The end

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