Hi!,,,please can any one tell the use of blowers in the incineration process of waste burning?


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Blowers are used to help keep pollution at a minimum in the incineration process. Incineration of waste saves spaces in landfills and helps to destroy contaminants that may be present in waste, There are pros and cons for using this disposal method and new technology makes it less harsh to the environment than older methods that were used before.

Incineration is a process used to treat waste of organic substances by combustion. Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into ash, heat, and flue gases. The ash by-product is formed by inorganic compounds in the waste and tends to take the form of solid lumps or particles carried by the gas. The flue gases  must be cleaned of pollutants before they can be released back out into the atmosphere. The process of incineration has been used in recent years to generate electrical power.

  • The earliest form of incinerator

In the early days of this practice in the United States and still in some countries today, incinerators did not contain a materials separation unit to remove hazardous or recyclable materials before combustion took place. These type of incinerators were most often a risk to the health of the workers and people living in the general vicinity due to poor gas cleaning and combustion process controls. And very few of these types of incinerators could be used to generate electricity.

  • Some interesting statistics

Incinerators reduce the original mass of the material being combusted by up to 85% and the volume by up to 95-96%. Because of this incineration has not completely replaced landfills but with more public concerned in the last few years over landfills and disposal it is likely to be used more and more in the coming years.

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