Can you give me an example of problem solving about garbage collection and disposal using scientific method?


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If you want to learn about the scientific method and problem solving skills for garbage collection and disposal, one of the best resources is to look for case studies online such as what is found here:

Waste management, which encompasses garbage collection and disposal, is extremely important in all countries and communities around the world.

  • It deals with the transport, collection, disposal or processing, monitoring and management of all waste materials.  The materials dealt with are usually those caused by human activity.
  • The practice of waste management is important and has an effect on human health, the environment, as well as the aesthetics of any location.
  • The methods used for waste management greatly differ among the developed and developing nations as well as the urban and rural areas. Local government authorities are usually in charge for the management of non hazardous waste material which occurs in both institutional and residential facilities. On the other hand, the generator is responsible for the management of industrial waste and non hazardous commercial as well as industrial waste.
  • Some methods of disposal used for waste management include the use of incineration, landfills, and energy recovery.
  • Avoidance and reduction methods are also undertaken to prevent more waste  material to be created. Some methods of avoidance include recycling second hand products, encouraging people to repair broken items instead of buying new ones, and creating products that are designed to be reusable and refillable instead of disposable.
  • Among various communities and countries, methods for waste handling and disposal also differ. Local government systems and private companies usually manage the process and methods used to collect, handle, and transport waste.

New technologies are also constantly being developed so that various processes used for waste management and disposal can be made more efficient.

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