Can You Give Me Some Examples Of Free Fall Problems?


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Free fall problems are those, which relate to the motion of falling objects, whose acceleration is controlled by gravity. Free fall problems relate only to falling objects near the earth's surface, which is located between sea level and the top of mountains like Mount Everest.

Example: the question could be, How long does it take a ball dropped from a rooftop, to reach the ground, which is 8.0 m below the rooftop? What speed would the ball travel to hit the ground and how long would it take? This example is called a kinetic free fall problem.

There are also such problems as, Throw-up problems, which relate to object's where the acceleration is the opposite than in the probelm above. Here you are find the velocity the free fall object.. An Example would be to determine, How long it would take this ball to reach the ground, if it was thrown straight up into the air and then allowed to fall to the ground?

Another type of problem is what we call Catch-up problems, which are those related to throwing a ball off the rooftop and then throwing a rock from the same spot. How long did it take the ball to reach the ground and how long did it take the rock to reach the ground? If, both the rock and the ball hit the ground at the same time what was the initial speed of the rock.

In solving these and similar problems we can use a tabular approach or an algebraic approach to discover the answers to free fall questions. Parachuting free fall problems are solved in the same way as simple problems such as dropping a ball or rock are solved.

Free fall problems are problems related to the science of physics and there are many websites where you can find information and actual problems solved by the tabular approach or the algebraic approach. Just enter the words "Free Fall Problems" into your search bar a when you click you will see a long list of websites. Each site contains explanations on free fall problems and graphical solutions using formulas to reach the solutions.

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