Early schools of psychology up to the modern approaches or model?


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The study of psychology branched off from philosophy, of soul and mind, and overall covering the phenomena of mental life - so we get the term today, mental health and mental illness - which psychology can investigate. It' about, remembering, thinking and reasoning, which is why philosophical arguments, might be said to have given it birth.The principle of psychology was a classic published in 1890, looking into our minds, which is the greater part of how we function, and getting feedback and discovering our feelings, desires, cognitions [that's what we beging to know] reasonsings. The language used has changed through time for example moving forward to the 1959s, perceiving, remembering and thinking were on the map. Today, we have all sorts of applications using different terms, like neuro-linguistics, which comes into psychology, the psychopahology of everyday life has not gone out of fashion. We have Behavioural Cognitive Psychology [CBT], which is widely used today, which is a quicker intervention than other forms of psychotherapy practice, which can take the form of apsychoanalytical structure, more listening and less speaking as an intervention. It's more focused today on behavioural outcomes that is limiting the individual and we live in a fast world, in which individuals are looking for solutions. Hope this little into....is useful.
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They generally were devoid of any biological/evolutionary underpinning, so they had no overarching theory and came to incoherent conclusions. Mostly, their concepts have been refuted.

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