What Is The Importance Of Psychology To Teachers In Schools?


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Psychology is important to teachers in schools because it allows them to better understand the thoughts, emotions, and actions of their pupils. Psychology is the study of the human mind - it is used to analyze behavior, and to treat people who suffer from psychological disorders. Examples of psychological disorders include:

  • depression (major and minor types)
  • narcissism
  • social anxiety
These disorders have certain symptoms that may include withdrawal from social activities, loss (or increase) of appetite, substance abuse, and haughty behavior. Each psychological problem will have its own symptoms and its own treatments. Learning how to recognize "the red flags" that signal psychological problems can allow a teacher to perceive issues that may need professional help from a trained psychologist.

Sometimes, studying child psychology (a subtype of the psychology field) can be useful for teachers of younger students. Today, many younger students suffer from problems that affect their ability to sit still and pay attention in class; disorders such as ADD (attention deficit disorder) and autism are on the rise. The more a teacher knows about these psychological syndromes, the more he or she will be able to do to help the student learn properly. In some cases, a teacher may recommend that a child be testing or seen by a psychologist - they may speak to parents during intake conferences, and share any thoughts regarding a child's mental health or learning capacity (as it relates to psychology).

Sometimes, violence in the classroom, schoolyard, or cafeteria may also occur in schools. Since there is a correlation between certain psychological disorders (including sociopathy) and violent actions, teacher may need to recognize warning signs - in order to protect other students and staff from high-risk student who may have psychological problems, teachers use psychology to analyze situations according to certain criteria. Of course, unless a teacher is also a trained psychologist, their diagnosis of a troubled student will only be a hunch, or educated guess.
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I used to be a teacher,and I know that how important psychology means to a teacher.as a teacher,we get along with many different kinds of students,they will have various problems,so we need to have a better understand of the students,and with the knowledge of psychology,we can easily understand student's behavior,and find out the solution to the problem,then it help   teacher get along well with the students.
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The main importance of educational psychology to teachers, is to know as a teacher how to deal with your students problems.
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