Is Jackfruit ripe peelings extract effective pesticide against meaty bugs?


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There is no such thing as meaty bugs, this is a common mistake that most likely means mealy bugs. If so, there is no evidence that the extract from ripe peelings is an effective pesticide against them. In fact, mealy bugs are one of the pests that attack jackfruit trees. There are many uses and benefits from the jackfruit tree, though.

  • Leaves
The leaves from the jackfruit tree have many uses: When they are heated they are helpful for healing wounds, and they are also a useful remedy for boils, skin infections and for fever.

If the leaves are burned, the ash can be mixed, and burned with coconut shells and corn, and can either be used as it is, or mixed with coconut oil to make a paste for healing ulcers.

  • Wood
The wood from the jackfruit tree is used for the manufacture of many things including furniture, windows, doors, roofs and musical instruments.

Buddhist monks in South East Asia use the heart wood to dye fabric to a light brown color for their robes.

  • Seeds
The seeds also have a variety of uses. If they are roasted they are said to be an aphrodisiac. In China, the seeds and the pulp of the jackfruit are used to make a nutritious and cooling tonic.

The starch from the seeds is used for relieving nausea and biliousness.

  • Roots
Even the roots from the jackfruit tree have their uses; they are used as a remedy for fever, diarrhea and also for skin diseases.

  • Latex
If the latex is mixed with vinegar it can help to heal abscesses, glandular swellings and even some snakebites.

  • Cautions
The pith from the wood from the jackfruit tree can induce miscarriage, and it also has sedative qualities.

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