Does hate affect the body?


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Emotions have been known to have a considerable effect on the physical health of people. People who harbor hatred either at themselves or other people face increased stress which can weaken the body and make it much more susceptible to all kinds of diseases.

People who have hatred toward ethnic groups or groups such as gays that linger for years can also develop psychological problems that can lead them to commit heinous acts towards others.

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Hate is defined as an emotional dislike in the extreme that is directed either at a specific person or a group of people or class of objects. These objects can vary greatly from inanimate objects to entire groups of people such as ethnic groups. Not only can hatred untreated lead to a person being unhealthy it can also lead to violent acts.

While hate can cause physical problems in those who harbor it for a person or groups, it can also cause legal problems for those who are accused of participating in a crime based on hatred. Those who commit hate crimes, which are defined as a criminal act motivated by hatred against a group of people, can be prosecuted under federal guidelines which are harsher than the state charges they would normally face for committing an offense.

In addition, hate has historically been one reason that wars have started. It is also known that hate speech that was fostered by Hitler and the Nazi Party against Jews in the 1930s Germany later led to the Holocaust in which six million people of Jewish decent lost their lives.

For this reason, many countries have laws against hate speech towards others that have the potential to lead to crimes. Understanding the basis of this hate and teaching people to overcome hate has been a focus of psychologists for years and will continue to be a focus of their work for years to come.

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