How Does Asbestos Affect The Human Body?


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Asbestos creates many ill effects on the human body. There are many diseases that are caused to the human body which can also result in death. Some of the diseases that are caused by asbestos are lung cancer, skin cancer, respiratory disorders, tearing of the tissue, breakage of sinew, weak bones, bone cancer and various other kinds of diseases. The most common fatal disease which can be obtained by being exposed to asbestos is Mesothelioma. This disease causes the damage to the pleural lining of the human body. Asbestos causes permanent and temporary diseases such as asthma.

It is very important to be completely covered when you are close to asbestos as you can get exposed to it. It is better to have protective gear such as gas mask, gloves and even better a radiation proof jump suit.
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Asbestos is very small particle which is easily in inhaled by us.

this inhaled asbestos stuck in lung and causes many health problem like mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis.

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