You Want To Install Kitchen Floor Tiles That Each Measure 12 Inches By 12 Inches(1 Sq. Foot). Your Kitchen Measures 12 Feet By 14 Feet, But There Is A 2 Foot By 4 Foot Area Around The Sink That Will Not Be Tiled. How Many Tiles Will Be Needed?


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Your room works out to approximately 168 sq. Ft. Minus the 8 sq. Ft. That makes 160 sq. Ft. And therefore you would need 160 tiles. You should get at least 10% extra to allow for breakage & cuts. Therefore I would get at least 176 depending on how many come in a box.
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Excluding the area around the sink, the kitchen's dimensions are 12 x 14 ft = 168 sg ft. Subtract the area around the sink which is 2 x 4 ft = 8 sq ft. Thus, we now have 168 minus 8 = 160 sq ft.
As each tile is 1 sq ft, then 16 tiles are required.

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