How much can a gram of mercury be sold for?


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  • What is Mercury?
Mercury, also known as 'Quicksilver', is the only liquid metal, and can be found on the periodic table under the symbol Hg.

It is a very toxic substance, and anybody attempting to buy or sell mercury will require a special license. Therefore sale tends to be only permitted for scientific purposes and laboratory use, or restricted to academic institutions such as universities.

  • Dangers
Mercury should be treated and used with caution. On contact with air mercury will rapidly evaporate, contaminating a room with the poisonous vapors within minutes.

Mercury poisoning caused by unqualified handling can cause severe illness, with symptoms ranging from:
-Visual impairment
-Muscular weakness and numbness in the hands, feet and around the mouth
-A lack of coordination in simple tasks such as writing and walking
-Speech and hearing impairment
-Skin rashes
-Memory loss, violent changes in mood, personality and character.

  • Price and Dealers
Mercury is sold in large quantities. The cost of 100 grams would range from $300 - $500 USD. It can be purchased online from and SpecChem Online, as well as through the chemical suppliers Sigma-Aldrich, who can be contacted on the following telephone number 0800-447788, and Merk, 0800-223344.

It is recommended that you buy mercury from a licensed distributor, and if you feel you have been exposed to the substance visit a doctor or medical professional immediately.

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