Anybody know the Rocky Mountains?


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Yes, many people know the Rocky Mountains due to them being famous not only in America but also throughout the world.

  • Rocky Mountains
The Rocky Mountains, or 'Rockies' as they are fondly referred to, are situated in western North America. They are a stunning example of natural beauty and are obviously popular with many tourists.

You can view photographs of the Rocky Mountains at the following links and
The Rocky Mountains stretches over 3,000 miles across America and Canada, starting from British Columbia and ending in New Mexico. The highest peak of the mountain range is said to be over 14,000 feet above sea level.

  • Why people visit the Rocky Mountains
Just by viewing the photos linked earlier there is an obvious reason most people visit the Rockies for - the breathtaking landscape. This is one of those places that you really have to visit in person to get the full extent of its mass size and amazing scenery. Many people will travel far and wide to take some photos of the mountains.

The Rocky Mountains are also very popular with the more active tourist. There are countless hikes and climbing opportunities as well as canoeing, rowing and white water rafting. Skiing is also a great way to truly take in the Rockies, but of course this is only viable in the winter months.

  • More information about the Rocky Mountains
If you wish for more information about the Rockies then you will find a vast amount with a simple search on or Also most tourist offices will have details about trips to the Rocky Mountains and can give you brochures and guides to take away.
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Peggy Burtwell answered
Yes, been on vacation (camping ) there - in Tenn, right? They are amazing, we hiked up a chimney that was almost a mile. Beautiful in the fall.

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