Where is the best place to find lop-eared bunnies for thats really cheap?


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Nichole Herrera Profile
Nichole Herrera answered
You could look on Craigslist, I know I see a bunch of bunnies on my local all the time, they are either in the pets section or the farm and garden section.

Good luck in finding you a bunny.
G. Dawson Profile
G. Dawson answered
You should find a local shelter here: www.rabbit.org. I am suggesting a shelter because in general, the majority of pet stores have bunnies who are poorly taken care of, and many are unsure of the gender. (My friend got a pair of bunnies once that were supposedly both females, but then one got pregnant. :p )The Web site is very trustworthy and gives the BEST instructions and tips on how to take care of a pet bunny. I strongly recommend you read through the Care and Behavior pages. You should always make sure your pets are spayed and/or neutered.

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