Where Is The Best Place For A Family To Live In Ireland?


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A website called has ratings and comments about the best places to live in Ireland. It could be useful for finding somewhere.
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It all depends on what sort of environment your family want to live in.
If you enjoy city life, you could think about Dublin (expensive), Cork, Galway, Belfast or any of the larger towns or cities in Ireland.
It all depends whether you want to live in Ulster or the Republic. Northern Ireland has many nice plces with reasonable house prices and lovely scenary.
If you want real peace and beautiful scenary you could try County Leitrim which is under populated. The areas has historically suffered from de-population and the Irish government were keen to get people back into the area. The houseprices are reasonable and there are some lovely locations. The town of Sligo is a good centre for shopping and facilities.
The area around Galway is lovely and the city is vibrant with a lot of cultural interests and a very good university.
The best thing to do is take a trip over and stay a while getting to see the place and meet the people. Look at house prices, schools and cost of living in each area.

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