Why don't some people like having a personal, serious conversation?


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Why people do not like serious personal conversations often depends on the circumstances. If the conversation touches on something that is likely to make them sad, for instance, they may be afraid that they will start crying.

  • Too much anger
Sometimes people avoid serious conversations because they know that the subject of the conversation will make them too angry to remain calm. Avoiding a confrontation is not always a good thing, and often talking things out will ultimately rectify the situation, but there are times when it is best to cool off a little before attempting to talk.

  • Fear of being cornered
There are occasions when a person may feel that they might get cornered into something they are not sure about if they enter a conversation about certain subjects.

How many young men know that feeling when the girlfriend starts talking about wedding plans, for instance? This is not always because they do not want to get married, it is more a case of the whole idea scaring the life out of them.

  • Difficulty in expressing personal feelings
Some people find it extremely difficult to express their personal feelings. They avoid long personal talks because they do not like to talk about their feelings as a result. They may feel that their feelings may be misunderstood or misinterpreted, or the feelings may simply be too overwhelming to talk about.

  • Hoping it will go away
Occasionally, people avoid having a serious and personal conversation because they know it will be about a problem or situation they are hoping to avoid if they ignore it long enough. They are not ready to face the situation, so they simply refuse to talk about it. Deep down they know that they will have to face it eventually, but they are not ready yet.
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I don't really know Maxine except to say that some people are not serious by nature and may get bored? Also some  might not want to face the serious facts that such a conversation might bring up. Personally I welcome serious conversations between friends as well as lightheartedness and fun.
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Okay so if no serious conversations occur, they will not see life's problems or their problems and they ignore it.
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People don't like having personal conversations with people they do not know very well because there is no great amount of trust or understanding between such people. You should find that good friends and family will be more willing to have such conversations.

Then, of course, there are those types of people that find light and irrelevant topics more enjoyable. Why talk about serious things when you can have a laugh?
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Maxine Chan
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Yeah haha but if they never talk about serious things, how will we ever know their perspective on things?
Arun Bera
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Serious? Are you serious? Yes i am so serious, seriously i am serious, believe me i am serious, need a serious girl who talk with me some serious fun!
Maxine Chan
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Haha wow you say serious a lot!
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All depends on where as I wont on the Internet as one never knows who is reading things on here but in private somewhere, I may tell you things that will make your hair stand up
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Maxine Chan
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Haha ok hmm.. But what if you are friends with someone who does not like having a serious conversation?
Arthur Wright
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Then it just wont happen as they like to keep to themselves
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Because , some people just don't want to tell you how they feel in these serious situations , we keep it to ourselves , and being serious might appear being worried and concerned , something you don't always wnna be , you want to be free and not worry to much , they don't wnna face the truth , they knw it , jus don't wnna have to face it , and they may have been through a lot and rather joke about life , cus the moment they get serious they realise alotta stuff in the past and it may bring back memories not wanted anymore.
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Ok but what if they have to handle it?
Addilynn All Star
Then they will turn their back away and refuse to cooperate..only handle it when life throws it at you...not when a person brings up the situation..
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Some people don't like talking about personal things with others (I don't, not really personal things at least)
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Because there are something that people don't want to talk about some people don't like to show their feels and find it easier to hide them then to share them and if they have had someone break their trust before then they may find it hard

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