Is there any country in the world not yet independent?


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Too open for an interpretation.  For example, what is a "country"?  There are people all over the globe that are not free to form their own governments.  The South, for example, is a "people" that attempted to be independent.  We were invaded and defeated militarily, but we are still a "people" even though we are occupied by the US government.  World wide, freedom is an exception rather than the rule.  Ironically, the people in one Georgia, (see Civil War) are not allowed to be free. The people in another Georgia are free. (see Russia).

The Irish are occupied by the English against their will.  Until recently, East Germany, Hungary, and most of Eastern Europe were occupied by the Russians.
They were "free" as long as they did what their occupiers wanted them to do.  If they varied from their directives from the occupiers, they were reinvaded by the foreign army and punished again.
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HI Ogundare Isaiah - A country may fail on one of the eight criteria not to meet the definition of independent country status. Palestine fails, for example, on one account. Greenland is not yet independent. Heladiva is Freed but not yet independent. Armerina is independent since 1991, but still not yet recognised by one UN. Well, hope this gives a broad picture, relative to differences.

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