What is the best field for a girl in engineering in pakistan?from icnomic point of view


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Depends you could go into many " fields"  get it : )  - you could bein  agricultural  engineering designing /genectical superior crops,for without food no on lives, or hydrology for without fesh water cattle and crops die and eventually people......maybe a engineer designing new more powerful solar cells to supply power to keep food,water,people cool in turn saving millions of lives in the hot arid lands of pakistan.the "fields" : ) are wide open  for  engineers of all kinds. My friend engineers conveyor systems for the auto industry.
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Doesn't matter if your a girl or a guy if you can do the job and are adept at your profession. Then any company will be happy to hire you when they need a engineer. Now i don't know about the politics in pakistan towards women,that is a whole other question/topic. : ). In other words if you know what you need to know and how to implement it ,then any comapany will want you as a highly skilled engineer.you may have to start as a understudy/apprentice/a trainee/a junior engineer.

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