What is the most important part of the cell?is it nucleus how can i prove it?


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It controls ALL the cells activities and contains genetic info. Without it we wouldn't exist.
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The full compliment of 46 ( 23 pairs ) chromosomes are found in the nucleus of somatic ( body) cells with the exception of the rbc  and also the exception of the ova and sperm who carry only 23 ( a single set) chromosomes. Therefore the ova and sperm are haploid cells and the somatic cells are diploid cells. The dna (,the genetic material ) lies inside the chromosomes. The dna is instrumental for cellular activity
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Prokaryotic cells (e.g. Bacteria) don't contain a nucleus, so it depends on what type of cell you're talking about. For eukaryotic cells, however, I would agree that the nucleus is the most important part.
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It's the nucleus because that is what directs the other organelles to do their job. It's what starts cytokinesis (the splitting of the cell into two; the reproduction of cells). There's this thing we did two years ago to represent the cell splitting.
Ok so lock your hands and fingers together. That's interphase.
Put your fingers up. Prophase.
Turn your palms towards you, your fingers together but up. That's metaphase.
Start pulling your hands apart. That's anaphase.
Once your fingers are almost completely apart, stop. That's telophase.
Put both hands into fists away from each other. That's cytokenesis
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It's like the brain of the cell, it controls the cell, if we didn't have it , our cells would probably die, causing our bodies to die
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Because it is the brain of the cell.it is controls the cells and tells it what to do

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