How Is ATP Important To Cell Metabolism?


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Adenosine triphosphate ATP, is a compound that is present in all the living cells. It is an essential chemical of life. Its key role is biological energy transformation. it is a primary energy storage molecule in the cells. Large amounts of energy are stored in bonds of three phosphate molecule that is a group makes ATP molecule's tail, as if we see the ATP molecule, P stands for whole phosphate group. The second and third phosphates are the high-energy bonds. These are easily broken on hydrolysis. So P bonds enable the cell to accumulate a great quantity of energy in very small space within the cell and keeps ready for the use of energy as soon as the cell needs it.

It is estimated that first terminal phosphate bond after breaking releases 7.3 K cal of energy. Other bonds in the ATP molecule after breakage release energy also but less in quantity. This energy is a source for various functions in metabolism. Synthesis of more complex compounds, active transport across the cell membrane, muscular contractions and movements, nerve conduction, and excretion are all the process need energy and ATP is the storage factory for metabolism of the cell. Metabolism involves two processes; catabolism and anabolism and both require ATP energy.
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ATP is adenosine tri phosphate. It is an energy producing molecule with in the cell. It is accountable for production of energy in the form of phosphate molecule. Adenosine tri phosphate gives off a phosphate molecule, ADP and energy after breakdown. ADP is adenosine di phosphate. It is a lower level energy producing molecule. It is also for the purpose of energy production but it does not take part in cell metabolism that actively as compared with ATP.
ATP plays a vital role in energy producing reaction. They may be of many types. The most important of them are electron transport chain, glycolysis and Krebs's cycle. All of the three takes place with in the cell. Two of them take place more specifically within the mitochondria. Mitochondria us the power house of a cell because it is the respiratory region which is responsible for production of energy within the cell. Without ATP, it is impossible for a cell to keep it in balance. Hope it would be clear to you. You may check cell biology book for it. Good luck!
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