As we reach a possible peak in oil production, what alternatives are forming? Consider the role of OPEC, perhaps, in reorganizing and monitoring oil production. What do you think is the most viable way to address after effects of this possible peak?


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max atwood answered
I believe the only real answer to this problem is through new technologies. An electric car seems to be the best solution for out dependence on fossil fuels, however modern batteries are far to week to compete with gasoline, carbon nano-tube batteries hold interesting possibilities. Also solar power may eventually power our cities. Fusion holds the best energy. Instead of using light from the sun we would just create a small star on earth with fusion of hydrogen atoms for energy
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Duane Bryant answered
Use our money and intelligence to wean ourselves from oil.  This will be hard as big oil and to a lesser extent that yesteryears, the automobile mfgs control the federal legislature and many state legislatures.

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