Is it true that by 2020, white people will be a minority? A lot of the Mexicans i know are seriously die-hard racist. Its scaring me, especially living in Texas. Is there a country where white people are sure not to become a minor?


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In a round about way, yes. The actual prediction is the so called white purity will be the minority. Mixing of the races. Here in the south, it's predicted around 2060 or so. In essence it means that because of interracial relationships, what society has deemed the white race, ( in color ) will no longer be the norm. A bit funny when you consider the U.S. Is the largest melting pot of the world, and many cultures weren't considered as "white". Such as Indians ( the only real natives of Americas ). There most likely will be some small communities, such as the Amish. But not for the reason of color, but for the sake of religion.
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The fact is white people themselves are converting them into a minority. The reason is their low birth rate.
I think white people need to increase their birth rate. They have gone too far at the name of freedom. They should bound every fertile man and woman to give birth to at least 4 children. Their economy can definitely support it.

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