Is Ireland A Racist Country? I Know There Is Racism Everywhere But How Racist Is Ireland?


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A lot of us r racist!(I'm nt)
But a lot of lads in my brothers year racist but its mostly idiots!
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I would say there is more religious bigotry in Ireland than there is racism . 
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That is certainly true in the North. I've worked there for extended periods . I even met Gerry Adams - he, like most of his compatriots is a nice guy. You'd think they could all make the effort to get along.
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I've never been over there, but I'd have to say no more than any other...see how Northern Ireland is always fighting?!
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I live in Ireland with my daughter and we have both suffered from racism. My daughter could not find any friends at all at school or in our area for several years just because she is Eurasian! She comes home and cries at times.
I think the reason for its racism and the taboo about speaking about it openly comes from the fact that Ireland is an island which did not have many immigrants or refugees until the 1990s. So when there was a huge attraction, racism developed quite "naturally".

Parents are the culprits here as they are very closed-minded and teach indirectly this behaviour to their kids. Some parents are so proud of their country that they obstinately refuse to eat even food from other country and judge these food not their liking.

There are many other examples, but I don't want to write too long an answer.
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Ireland is more tolerant towards non-indigenous races than most countries in Europe. (It's just the English they have a thing about, for historical reasons.)

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