Has anyone done the Asch Psychology test for conformity? Did you conform or not?


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Yep I was given the test 2 years ago, as part of work appraisal and the results show that I conformed.But these things are easy to manipulate Maxine as with the Asch test, you know what the answer is going to be, even if you don't trust your own eyes or the obvious mistakes the others make.As soon as the test started I knew it was the Asch test.
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Well with the Asch i knew what answers to give to conform.But it's just an appraisal as there's no real right or wrong answers - it's all about perception.
Maxine Chan
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True for your own perception, but still if you conform you are just copying the fellow group members.
Janey commented
Well for work it helps if you fit in lol.

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