What Is Meant By Tissue Culture?


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Tissue culture is the growth of a tissue in an artificial liquid culture medium.
Plant cells are totipotent. Each cell has the full genetic potential of the organism and therefore a single cell could become a complete plant.
Later on a scientist grew a complete carrot plant from a tiny piece of phloem. He proved the cells with sugar, minerals and vitamins, but he also added coconut milk. Later it was discovered that coconut milk contains the plant hormone cytokinin. When the cultured cells began dividing, they produced a callus, an undifferentiated group of cells. Then the callus differentiated into shoot and roots and developed into complete plants.
Tissue cultures techniques have by now led to micro-propagation, a commercial method of producing thousands even millions of identical seeding in limited amount of space.
Because plants are totipotent, it should be possible to grow an entire plant from single cell. This too has been done.

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