An alcohol is 60% carbon, 13.33% hydrogen and 26.67% oxygen. A.) what is the simplest molecular formula? B.) by another method, the molecular weight was found to be 60. What is the molecular formula


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We assume 100 grams and turn those percentages to grams. Get moles.

60 grams carbon (1 mole C/12.01 grams) = 4.995 moles C

13.33 grams hydrogen (1 mole H/1.008 grams) = 13.22 moles H

26.67 grams oxygen (1 mole O/16.0 grams) = 1.66 moles

smallest mole number becomes 1 in empirical formula and divides the others

4.995 moles C/1.66 moles O = 3.009 ( call it 3 C)

13.22 moles H/1.66 moles O = 7.96 ( call it 8 H)


is empirical formula and is as massive as the molecular weight given you in the question. So...


is your simplest molecular formula

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