Why The Earth Is Getting Warm Day By Day?


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The warming and hot atmosphere of earth is just because of pollution. It's reached at very high level. Because of this pollution and humidity, ozone layer is been damage and, there is big hole created in the ozone layer. Ozone layer is a type of circle which is encircling our whole earth and protecting earth and human from infectious and harmful razes. But this layer is now damaged because of a hole in this ozone layer. And all the harmful and hot razes are coming towards earth.

This hole is created just because of harmful and dangerous smoke generated from factories. Also because of pollution, that is generated from automobiles.
There is other main reason of pollution is the extensive cutting of trees and jungles from many areas, for making buildings and other projects. These jungles and trees inhale carbon dioxide from atmosphere and produce oxygen.

But as they are cutting very frequently that's why amount of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases are polluting environment. So the humidity is increasing and atmosphere is becoming hotter.If every one use the gas automobiles and all the factories filter the poisonous gases before producing them into air then, this pollution can be control.
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The climate classification varies from first to last natural, inside processes and in answer to variations in exterior forcing factors together with solar activity, volcanic emissions, variations in the earth's flight path (orbital forcing) and conservatory gases. Greenhouse gases form a likely greenhouse effect, without which imply temperatures on Earth would be an anticipated 30 °C (54 °F) lower so that Earth would be not fit to live in. Thus scientists do not "think in" or "be in opposition to" the greenhouse result as such; somewhat, the argue concerns the net effect of the calculation of greenhouse gases, while allowing for associated up and unhelpful opinion mechanisms.

Another main feedback process is albedo criticism. The increased CO2 in the atmosphere warms the Earth's surface and leads to melting of ice near the poles. As the ice melts, land or open water takes its place. Both land and unlock water are on average less reflective than ice, and thus absorb more solar radiation. This causes supplementary warming, which in twist causes more melting, and this series continues.

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