Which Is The Earth's Most Desolate Area?


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There are areas up near the north pole that are desolate and treeless and have extreme winds and temperatures. It is hard to imagine living in these areas. Yet some animals and indeed human tribes, have, and still do today, by choice. Up in the extreme north of Canada, live the polar bears, where they raise their young by hunting seal and walrus.
The inuit Indian people also live in this harsh climate and rely on hunting and eating seal too, for its rich oliy flesh, which enables them to survive. They have adapted superbly to this climate.Sibera is another great barren wasteland, however, it still inhabited.
The great deserts like the Saharah, are also barren for an entirely opposite reason. Such high temperatures that a man without cover and adequate water, can be dead in a few hours. However camels and the hersman who use them for transportation, are able to survive in these extreme conditions.

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