What Is The Energy Transformations In A Ball Rolling Off Table And Bouncing On Floor?


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When the ball is rolling off the table the ball currently has only Kinetic Energy (KE=1/2*mass*velocity^2).

When it is falling of the table it both potential energy(PE=mass*gravity*height) and kinetic energy. The potential energy is basically the energy that gravity can "potentially" can act on it and the kinetic energy is the speed of the ball at that time. It has Kinetic Energy in both the x and they y directions. The velocity in the x direction is from the speed that the ball had before it fell of the table - the force of wind resistance. The velocity in the y direction is the speed that is gained from gravity.

Once it hits the floor the potential energy is 0 and it only has kinetic energy.

When it bonces back up it has both potential and kinetic energy again and this continues each time the ball bounces back up until it has stopped bouncing and and is only rolling

The height that it bounces depends on the spring contanst of the floor

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