What Is The Basic Design Of All Synovial Joints?


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The synovial joint consists of the synovial membrane, the fibrous capsule, the synovial fluid and the articular cartilage. The articular cartilage is the thick, whitish covering of the end of the bone. (Think about a chicken leg bone.) This cartilage is very smooth and provides the sliding surface of the joint. The synovial membrane is the outer covering of the synovial "capsule" which contains the fibrous capsule and the synovial fluid. The fluid cushions the joint and protects the ends of the bones from grating on one another.

When someone cracks their knuckles, the pop you hear is the synovial fluid being squirted from one side of the joint to the other. A synovial joint is found in the body in the knee, the elbow, and the hip, to name a few.
There is another type of joint in the human body called the fibrous joint. The joints are found in the skull and spine. They consist of bones connected by fibrous tissue or discs.

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