Should People Make Eye Contact When They Answer Question?


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This can be a matter of cultural custom, and so it is important to know to whom you are speaking, and remember the customs of the culture one is in.  In Japanese culture and in some others, it is grossly impolite/disrespectful and considered even confrontational to make direct eye contact in conversation.

In the US, it is typically assumed that direct eye contact is a sign of both attentiveness and respect (and even honesty) when answering a question.

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I agree. But generally, we should look the person in the eye. Not stare.
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I diagree that "generally" we should look a person in the eye--that is my point. We should know in which culture we are interacting and observe the custom of the culture in our actions to be courteous and be most understood as to our intent. Looking someone in the eye (not staring, but simply making eye contact) can be grossly discourteous and even confrontational in some cultures.
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Depends on their culture and the person all together. Some use their eyes to dominate others in a disrespectful way instead of showing attentiveness or respect.
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You don't need to look at someone to answer to them and the reason some people don't is because they are shy, you don't stare at each other on the phone when you answer a question do you?  So if somebody demanded me to look at them when I spoke to them then I would tell them were to go and that they are disrespecting me!

Did this answer your question lol
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Yes! You should always make eye contact when answering a question!

Eye contact is an event in which two people look at each other's eyes at the same time.[1] It is a form of nonverbal communication and is thought to have a large influence on social behavior. Frequency and interpretation of eye contact vary between cultures and species. The study of eye contact is sometimes known as oculesics.

People that do not make eye contact may seem dishonest, uninterested, nervous, unsure, and many other negative words =(

Even if it is hard to look into someones eyes when answering, at least try looking at there hairline or eyebrows!

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You its very much necessary for a person to make eye contact when they answer because its the way to show your boldness and confidence towards answering the question. People who hesitate to make it will not be confident or bold according to my belief.

  • dishonesty

  • uninterested

  • intimidated

  • untrustworthy

  • blindness
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Yes people should look others in their eyes when they are being spoken to no matter if it is a question or not,this lets the other know you are listening and interested in what they have to say or what they are saying,I think its rude to look every where else instead of who you are talking to.But some people feel intimidated when you look them directly in their eyes.But you must know to whom you are speaking with so as not to offend any one and their culture,this can be quite unsettling for some and disrespectful to others,it just depends on whom you are addressing.

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