How Can I Stop Myself From Blinking So Much During An 'Eye To Eye' Contact Conversation?


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Blinking is a natural process that your eyes need to perform.

To control your blinking, I'd suggest either training yourself to manage it or, if you feel that your blinking is related to a medical condition, then addressing the underlying condition might be your best bet.

How to control your blinking

Blinking is a really important function. The eyelids act like a windshield wiper for your eyes, protecting them from foreign objects, and also keeping them moisturized.

Controlling your blinking is a bit like learning to hold your breath - there are techniques you can use to alter your natural pattern, but essentially these functions take place for a very good reason.

As far as training yourself not to blink so often goes, there are a million and one ways you can do this. One approach would simply be to practice keeping your eyes open.

How to prevent yourself from blinking during a conversation

Excessive blinking has been linked with a number of conditions. People of a nervous disposition tend to blink more than others, and unusual blinking is considered one of the most common 'nervous twitches' that people suffer from.

The treatment for this symptom can range from the use of eye-drops through to hypnosis. Seeking the advice of a healthcare professional is probably the best path to take in this respect.

Alternatively, blinking a lot is also associated with a lack of concentration.

If you think that this could be the reason you blink a lot during eye-to-eye contact conversations, then maybe you'll want to examine what it is that is distracting your attention.
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The best way to avoid doing that is not to open your eyes too wide.

You tend to blink in reflex to either irritation or dryness which then causes irritation again. So keep your eyes open just enough to see the person clearly, don't act like you are squinting....

Hope this helps.
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I don't know because I do that too, not only in eye to eye conversations but I do that all the time...
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Don't look at their eyes when they speak to you, look at the space slightly above and between their eyes. It's an old trick.
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Don't stop, because men are supposed to like it. Look between the eyes or behind their shoulders, just in case!
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Blinking is a way for your subconcious mind to break eye contact. So the person you're having a conversation with might make you uncomfortable in some way.

I suggest looking at their eyebrows, or at their nose, in-between their eyes.

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