Are There Volcanoes On Jupiter Or Venus?


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Not on Jupiter itself but lo, one of the moons of Jupiter is the most volcanic body known, with lava flows, lava lakes, and giant calderas (collapsed volcanoes) covering its surface. Its volcanic geysers sent out sulphur-rich plumes to over 500 kilometres high. Its mountains are much taller than those on Earth, reaching heights of 16 kilometres (52,000 feet).

The surface of Io often has volcanic eruption plumes. This one is about 100 kilometres (62 miles) high and were seen by the Voyager 1 space explorer in 1979. The volcano had been erupting for a period of at least four months and probably longer.

Venus contains 1738 volcanic features. It has 168 large volcanoes, 289 intermediate volcanoes and probably hundreds of thousands small volcanoes. Other planets of the solar system may also have volcanoes or have had volcanoes in the past, particularly Mercury, which is a solid surface planet like Earth and Mars and Venus.
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Since Jupiter is a gas planet it has no craters but Venus does

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