How Has The Invention Of The Radio Improved Our Lives Today?


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I disagree with both statements. Although the radio is a classic entertainment go-to, it isn't the reason we know what it is. The radio helped with military and naval communication, it's development pushed along the telephone and television, and it was a Universal Medium for the U.S. In it's earlier stages of Nation-Hood. It also helped during Pearl Harbor's attack and all of the wars. It's been something like a beacon since the 1800s and as stated in the previous answers, it's entertaining. The radio is without a doubt, culturally impacting. Children mime what they hear on the radio, it's where we get language diversity. For example, someone listening to radio station 94.9 fm in the central valley of california, (station more commonly known as B95) is more prone to saying dope or swagger than someone listening to say....93.7fm in the central valley. (More commonly known as Kiss-Country.)  The radio is a diverse entertainment medium as well as an easy way to get the news out and help people who don't watch the regular news be aware of what's going on in his/her country.    Thankyou for listening to my long and drawn out rant. =)
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The invention of the radio has improved our lives today because humans will be nothing without music because it all began as the radio to the boombox. The radio helps us concentrate. If there was no radio then we would have never known what music even is. The radio also helps us know if there's an emergency because you can hear the news on the radio.
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Increased information and entertainment.

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