What Are 3 Most Important Inventions In Human History?


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There are many important inventions in human history and choosing the three best is subjective and personal to all.  If we look simply at the advances in society and the cross societal growths, we can pinpoint a few that stand out amongst all.  Language & written history have to be among the biggest inventions.  Electricity is one of the most widely used and least thought about inventions that continues to improve our lives daily.  And lastly, I would have to say telecommunications to include the internet and general telephone uses. 

Without language or written history there would be nothing but trial and error and experience to learn from.  And make the passing of knowledge nearly impossible.  Written history, even that which is slanted, is an account of an event in history.  These are clues and links to the past that we can reflect on and learn from.  Without language, there would be no Bible, Quran, Torah, or other sacred text related to religions and cultural beliefs.  Communicating would be difficult at best without words and gestures to assist. 

Electricity is something that almost our entire world is dependent upon on a daily basis.  Without electricity there would be no heat in the winter without fire or cool in the summer without water and a breeze.  There would be no storage of perishable foods in a refrigerator or freezer, no lights to guide your way home and many other things we take for granted.  Being this dependent on it means it is critical to our current way of life and we wouldn’t be here without it. 

Telecommunications is a large field that covers a broad array of products and services.  I have to say it started with the telegraph and has lead to the internet.  Everything in between was a leap for industries and individuals alike.  Think of the telephone, how greatly did this one device enhance our ability to communicate with those we wanted or needed to?  The fax, a copy of a document that is broken up into tiny non visible pieces and fed to a machine on the other side that recreates the image, that’s amazing but truly common in today’s thinking.
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1. The fire (how to create it) -- as weapon against animals and cold weather.

2. Language (oral and written) -- a way to communicate with other humans gaining physical and collective mental strength as a species.

3. Planting crops -- to sustain life and flourish while all other animals' ability to survive are left to chance.
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Good answer. And did you know that planting crops, or farming actually began as a result of the first accidental creation of alcohol? That's not just a college fraternity myth. Creating materials to produce beer shifted humans from transient to land-area based. At least that is what was said on the History channel: so it HAS to be true. :)
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In accordance with my knowledge and experience, the most and the extremely significant and note-worthy inventions of human history are computer, car and bulb. Besides, how can we ever forget and ignore our blessing of telephones!
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The ability to create fire
the wheel
and of course the internet
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I believe that the three most important inventions in human history are:

1) Agriculture

Agriculture is the most important invention because it enable us to surpass nomadic life, and settle down into civilization. Without civilization we would not have learned language, would not have science, would not have math, recorded history, anything that we teach our children in school.

2) Government

This is an obvious one that often gets overlooked. Without government we would still be living in a state of nature, a scenario in which anyone is free to take away your right to life, you right to your possessions and you right to happiness. I think that this is second because it is possible that we could be as happy as we are now without it.

3) language

I have too short of an attention span to explain this one. Basically without language we would not be able to talk to each other. That wouldn't be very fun. We are social beings.
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1) wheel
2) printing press
3) electricity
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Many people think that the wheel was the most important invention in history, but this is not true. The decisive discovery for humans was the hand-axe. However primitive it may have been, it was the first tool manufactured by humans. This was a catalyst. Rather than using accidentally encountered objects as tools, people began to create various tools and utensils deliberately. Many cultures managed to get on very well without the wheel, but it is not possible to find any culture with toolmakers.

The wheel was a very important invention because with a wheel, people could haul things, move things, and create transportation. However, tools like the hand-axe were much more important because the creations of the wheel could not have been completed without the use of tools such as the hand-axe. Therefore one of the most important inventions in history is the tool, especially the hand-axe.
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There's not just one invention. But still if you want me to go with just one invention then I will pick "tyres". They are the most important invention as without it today nothing can be done. No vehicles can run; no flights take off or land. No war machines can move around; absolutely nothing. The planet will come to a stand still.
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In my opinion, the three most important inventions in human history is:

1. The wheel
2. The internal combustion engine
3. The digital computer

And as latchika12 says, If there was a 4th option I'd make it the printing press.
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I would have to say that antibiotics is definitely number 1; where would we be without them?!

Electricity ranks right up there at number 2.

I would have to say that the third most important invention of all time would have to be the assembly line.
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I think that the wheel is not the greatest and/or important invention because people could get on well enough without the wheel in  in the olden days. We can WALK!!!!! If the tyre or wheel was the greatest  invention than god would of made us tyres in stead of feet : )
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Simple it's only the...
1. Electricity
2. Television
3. Transportation

and that's all......
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I think the three things are for everyone:
1.light and electricity.
2.television or radio(one of the communicating things)
3.clothes and language

the 3 most important for boys are:
2.light and electricity.
3.cell phone

for girls:

Sorry but I really am confused to find these things because all science inventions have made our life much easier. I am ok with al of your answers.
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The whole of Britain as well
as Germany was primitive before the Roman influence.

They birthed the
entire western civilization that made it possible for all that crap that
came later. Greece, France, & Italy. The whole of Europe would be
primitive if not for the Meds.

Brits & Germans didn't do anything until
thousands of years later. Greeks had the illiad, Germanics had
beowulf and a tale about a barbarian guy running around with a hammer
named thor.

Philosophy, Art, Complex Architectural designs, literature,
music, science these are all things that the Meds have ever lasting
influence on. There is a reason we're still learning about them in every
single school.

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I think every invention is the greatest in itself, but if inventions has to be categorized by it's value/importance, then it would be

1 language
2 fire
3 wheel
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The transistor (including everything it allows to work)
and the ability to freeze pack our food  :)

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I think it is axe and btw, everyone knows that the wheel is the second most important invention in history duh!
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The wheel because it is not just used transport it is used in a lot of invention for example power generation
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I think that the most important event in history is the hand axe. It gave the early people ways to make different objects, and the whell can only be made BY tools.=P
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Den viktigaste uppfinningen I "modern tid". Med modern tid menar jag från 1500-talet var Gutenbergs uppfinning med att trycka med lösa bokstavstyper. Med den uppfinningen kunde vi trycka kunskap och föra den vidare. Utan kunskap hade vi inte kunnat forma det samhälle vi lever I dag. Bii Gates I Amerika hade utan kunskap kläcka sitt operativsystem, osv. Det finns ett ordspråk som säger "mer än guld har bly förändrat världen".
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For starters lets get this inventing stuff down to the stuff humans actually invented. The wheel and fire are not on this list. Fire is a naturaly occuring element, we may harness it but we didn't invent it. The wheel is simlpy a cylindrical object, like a Apple it would have only taken mild observation of a apple rolling to come with the idea of a cylindarical object to assist with daily activity. Once again we didnt invent it but observed it in nataure and copied it. Now to the stuff we really did invent, listed in order of importants.

1. Soap : The yard stick of civilisation (it has this nickname for a reason) and the only reason we are still around today. Life spans doubled over a few years, less people die form cureable disases, populations boomed and disase like the plague and small box dissapeard within 50 years. It's invetion has enabled us to live longer, therefore being wiser and giving us more time to impart knowledge to a younger generation, giving them more time to invent!!

2. The Printing Press : This gave us the abilty to share knowledge and language. Imagine trying to build something without a set of instructions. Mediacal, industrial and all industry was changed by this invention.

3. The self regulating starters ( accurate time ) : Invented by John Harrison this tiny little invention gave us the ability to navigate and map the oceans to a accuracy within meters. The new worlds would not have become viable had the ships kept getting lost.  Accurate time in the modern world is the single most important invention and without it we would have never had electricity and therefore never had computers or the internet etc.

Have a think about it and you will see everything in your life comes back to these three inventions. Without them our lives would be completly different.
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Everyone will have their own perspective of what they would put in their top 3 but I would say:
1) penicillin
2) the light bulb / electricity
3) plumbing

And in 4th I'd go for the Printing press, if 4th was an option.
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1st is definitely language. Where would we be without it? No penicillin, no electricity, no Internet, nothing would be achieved without any sort of physical language.

2nd is electricity, I should think. No Internet without electricity!

3rd is a secret. Find out my website to know
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I think the 3 most important inventions ever are...

1. Electricity
2. The Wheel
3. Antibiotics
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1: Control of Fire - warmth, means of cooking, protection, weapon.
2: Beer - Birth of Civilisation, Mankind stops being nomad and settles down to form society which led to everything we take for grant today.
3: The Wheel.

Honourable mention; Language.
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1°as pessoas nao podem viver sem a enegia
2°as pessoas nao pode viver se o celular
3°as pessoas nao podem viver sem o computador
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Teflon, Velcro, and Post-it Notes. Just kidding, It's a tough question. There have been so many remarkable inventions throughout history.

I'd have to say the wheel, language, and the microscope.
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Italian food
Ford Muscle cars
Heavy Metal music
All that other stuff is important to I guess;)
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1) Lightbulb
2)feeding device for the disable

electricity was not an invention it was found the ways to use electricty was an iinvention

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