What Is Tungsten Carbide Used In?


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Tungsten Carbide is a compound of the elements tungsten (symbol W) and carbon (C).

It is extremely hard and so has many important uses in industry, the military and in sports as well as in some jewelry.

The main uses of tungsten carbide are in machine tools. It is cheaper than diamond and is also more heat resistant and so is used when it is necessary to machine carbon steel or stainless steel.

In the military tungsten carbide is used in armour-piercing ammunition. It also reflects neutrons and so is used in various application in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

In hiking, tungsten carbide is used on the end of poles which are often hit against rocks and are prone to wear down.

Finally, some jewellery is made out of tungsten carbide. It is most commonly used in men's wedding rings which can get scratched and worn down. Tungsten carbide is hard enough to resist such abuse.

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