How Much Is Scrap Carbide Per Pound?


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Carbide is a general term for a substance made up of carbon and another more neutral, balanced substance to give a mixed element or compound. Quite often these 'other substances' come in metal forms and are hence used in building and engineering often.

The most common of these carbides, often just called 'carbide' and what you are most likely referring to is tungsten carbide. This is obviously made up of carbon and tungsten giving a tough metal perfect for use in machinery and tools as well as hard wearing jewelery. It is so used because it is a strong metal, roughly three times stronger than steel, which has the ability to hold up or cut through other softer metals. It is so strong that it is even used in armor piercing weaponry and ammunition.

The price per pound for scrap carbide can differ depending on quality and the dealership or scrap yard that you buy or sell the metal at. You should expect to pay (or be paid) between $10 and $12 per lb of carbide depending on the quality. It is also possible that some scrap metal dealers will pay more for larger quantities as there is more of a sell on value for metal in large quantities.

One online company quotes a price of $10.75 for scrap pieces of carbide metal and $11.75 for scrap carbide in larger chunks so it will very much depend on what you have or what you are after. It is also worth shopping around as one online company was quoting a price as low as $6.50 to buy scrap metal from the public - check a number of places for the best price in your area before purchasing or selling.

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