Can Two Siblings With Type O And AB Blood Have The Same Parents?


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Yes they can ,,depending on the parents types of course.///In this case the type o sib has received their o from both parents and the sib who is AB has received an A from 1 parent and their B from the other parent. /////This proves the parents of sibs 0 and AB   have to be  types Ao   and Bo = A and B groups ////This combination of parents can also have offspring of A and B group too .///////The chances out of 4 are   1 of AB,  1 of Ao, 1 of Bo and 1 of oo
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As long as one parent is Ai and the other parent is Bi.

If the first parent gives the I to the child, and the second parent gives the I to the child, the child will have type O blood (ii).

Also, if the first parent gives the A to the child, and the second one gives the B to the child, the child will have a type AB blood (A and a B).

there is also the possibility of having a child that is Ai (blood type A) and a child that is Bi (blood type B)

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Most definitely
My husband is A+ and I am B-
Our three kiddos are: O- , A- , and AB-
Obviously through that we learned that my husband carries a recessive negative with his positive, and me being negative only have negatives to pass on.

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