Who Invented The "F" Word And Why Is It A Bad Word?


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Wow.. I looked this one up.. And apparently it was never from any acronym.. They believe it may have come from a German word but no one has of yet traced which one.. But it does not mean.. For unlawful carnal knowledge nor does it mean Fornication under consent of king. The most information on this is on the SNOPES.COM page. www.snopes.com
which probably won't show up as it uses the F word in the link.   You'll have to type in the write link replacing the stars with the letters

as for the King one.. That one is about obtaining permission to have sex with your spouse.. And you can't fornicate within marriage.. You can fornicate extramaritally.. Or outside of marriage.. But its not fornication if your married.. And sex was not illegal in england....

the other one.. For unlawful carnal knowledge was about the placard hung over the criminal in stocks.. But they only listed the crime.. Never a "FOR"

so that's where it did NOT come from.. Bur really no one is sure where it did come from.
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The "F" word is abbreviated as "Fornication Under The Concent of King". Olden days for ppl to get thru their personal life they needed the permission from king and those who got it used to put a note as Fornication Under The Concent of King so that no one interrupts dem. As time passed it got the short form of that word.

And its not a bad word but the usage of it will be somewhat weird.
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I thought that was a good answer but I looked it up and apparently that is a common misconception. If you look it up its a very interesting story. Snopes.com

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