What Is The Disadvantages Of Unmanned Probes?


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The Disadvantages Of Unmanned Probes is that it can't adapt itself quickly to changing condition.
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Wel unmanned mission or 1 can say robotic missions onli do what they are programmed 2 do...dey nt programmed 2 detect weirdness of ni sort....mostly they r onli programmed 2 search fr earth type beings n soil differences on otha planets...very rarely wil you hear that an earthly type being is found...its always sumthing new v hear its very very rarely v hear that a HUMAN is found on ni planet...who has been livin der or hidin out der!!!so this is da major disadvantage of unmanned missions 2 space....der shld b more manned missions carried out n every country shld wrk 2gthr on in instead of racing lyk fools to c who reaches wcheva planet 1st...that is so ridiculus....niways this is my opinion n sry fr da spellin mistakes...

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